Apple Ecosystem and how it dominants the tech industry.

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apple ecosystem
apple ecosystem

What exactly is the Apple ecosystem?

Well, we think it’s easiest to compare it to a puzzle. Every product, Apple makes representing one piece. Each piece is designed to fit perfectly with the other. And although you don’t need all the pieces to have something you enjoy, each piece you add tends to make the entire experience even more magical. And if you’re someone like us who buys every piece and connects them all together. It creates a beautiful experience that almost anyone can appreciate.

Difference between Apple and other tech companies

Meanwhile, companies like Microsoft were licensing their Windows operating system to any hardware manufacturer that paid for it. Resulting in dominance over the computer market and sky-high revenue. But Apple stuck to their guns. Jobs insisting that Apple could only create a superior user experience if they retained control over the hardware and software. Integrating the two together in a sort’ve closed ecosystem. That philosophy, which was quite unique at the time, is what gave Apple a huge advantage over competitors during the mobile device era. They already knew how to integrate hardware, software, and services. They’d been doing it with the Macintosh, iMac, MacBook, and iPod. The only difference was that the value it offered users would become clearer than ever before.

Did other companies also try to build an ecosystem?

Microsoft tried creating a smartphone, along with their computers and tablets, but it failed and was discontinued. Google tried creating a tablet along with their notebooks and smartphones, but it also failed and was discontinued. LG experienced the same trouble with creating smartphones. Building an ecosystem, when a company’s focus has always been to sell as many individual products as possible with no regard to user experience, turned out to be much more difficult than people imagined. But that strength Apple has enjoyed for years, is also why some people despise the brand. Claiming their users are forced into a closed system that takes away their power and leaves everything up to Apple’s discretion. And that effectively illustrates the downside of any ecosystem.

What are the benefits attached to one ecosystem?

Well, an ecosystem tends to be organized into a hierarchy. Like one created by Neil Cybart from Above Avalon. He clearly outlines the roles of each product category and the relationship between them. Beginning with the Mac, which handles the most intensive…..

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